About Karajoz Coffee

At Karajoz Coffee we are emphatic about quality. Our aim is to produce the world's best coffee. We are a team dedicated to ensuring our customers are fully satisfied with all manner of coffee requirements.

Our philosophy is to enjoy quality coffee, inspired by the European cafe society. This is where intelligent and lively debate, good music and coffee come together.

We have experience in both the development and management of cafes. This has taught us, a cafe will succeed in attracting a loyal customer base, by deliverying a better tasting coffee.

Our beans come from the greatest producers in the world. We use top-of-the-line German roasters and a blending technique that creates a smooth and consistently balanced full-bodied coffee.

You can enjoy Karajoz Coffee in cafes and restaurants throughout New Zealand.

Our philosophy has always been: "The best quality at a fair price, no compromise."