How to prosper in Tough Economic Times

The experts tell us that New Zealand is now in a recession. At grass roots level this means we all have less money to spend. Do we question the need for that second cup of coffee? Do we make a sandwich at home to take to work rather than lunching at our favourite café? We have noticed that some very established cafes and particularly restaurants are selling less than the same time last year .The wet and wild winter this year has not helped. The market being saturated with cafes and restaurants also doesn't help. The constant increase in costs further exacerbates the problem.

However don't despair! I believe it means we just have to try harder. Cafes and restaurants that are getting it right are still full! My first Café (the DKD) opened in the early 1980,s  until 1987 the economy boomed. The similarity with today was that it was all based on speculation and increase, not on sound basic fundamentals. Restaurants really took off and people became accustomed for the first time in our history to eating out regularly. You could see that the boom times couldn't last and I reasoned that people would still want to go out, and my café was affordable. In 1987 the stock market crashed and fortunes were lost, and times were tough for year's. My predictions regarding my own café were proved correct and business progressively boomed.

Especially in tough times people need to go out and be entertained!

As an operator I believe if you follow a simple formula, and get it right you can prosper no matter the market. Excellent Quality, Excellent Service at a Fair Price.