Coffee Foundations New Zealand

Karajoz Coffee Company is owned by Derek Townsend, well known NZ coffee connoisseur!

Derek created Karajoz after two decades of pioneering work in three high-profile Auckland cafés; DKDs, New Zealand’s first real coffee restaurant, the booming Kings Plant Barn Café in Remuera and the enormously successful Café Extreme in Newmarket.

In inventing the flat-white in the 80s, Derek saw an opportunity for a type of coffee that Kiwis would love, not the all Italian Cappuccino or the filter style coffee of the US, but something to soothe and delight the Kiwi palate.

He remains hugely committed to the NZ café culture, a relaxed environment where friends come to meet, have intelligent conversation and ponder the issues of the world.

Since its early pioneering days, Karajoz has grown and evolved into one of New Zealand’s biggest coffee to café suppliers.