Marketplace Talk

We have always been of the opinion that while art is the primary driver in producing good coffee, it must be backed by science.

On the art side, we are one of the most experienced coffee makers in the country. Our lineage goes back to 1982 with our involvement in the prototype café DKD. We introduced New Zealand to the flat white and good quality cabinet food. 

When we started roasting we brought to New Zealand a 70-year-old expert from Europe to help us perfect our craft. We donned our lab-coats and probed the science behind quality consistency and bean economy.

A coffee bean has 850 compounds which react dramatically during the roasting process. It’s our job to understand and control these taste-driven processes.  Coffee research is still in its infancy, and we are one of 50 members of the international scientific organisation delving into the area. We employ a food technologist to constantly ensure all standards are being met and consistency in the taste of the coffee is being achieved.

Roasting coffee beans has always been a specialised task - the time and the temperature being central to extracting the most from the bean. This is where the skill of the roaster and the combined knowledge and experience of the overall team comes into play.