While most New Zealand roasters happily use a limited bean blend, Karajoz Professional Barista Blend has been developed with a multi bean profile in mind.

Each bean origin is roasted to achieve its full character. Our experienced staff then taste the roast to ensure it measures up to the high standard. Karajoz professional blend has taken years to perfect - ensuring customers have a full bodied taste from the start of the cup to the finish. It takes its inspiration from a classic Northern Italian blend rather than the American-style of milkier, weaker coffee.

Genuine No.1 Blend is for the supermarket - a smooth blend capturing all the experience of the Karajoz coffee roaster, a truly Kiwi coffee designed for the New Zealand palate. There is now a "fair trade organic" available under the Karajoz brand in all leading supermarkets.


The FAIR TRADE coffee featuring the finest organic beans. FAIR TRADE means the farmers who grow the beans get the benefit financially, not the New York brokers. And that means so much more money goes into very poor communities.

Organico is subtle but distinctive because it is grown slowly in the shade of the jungle, it has a pleasant softness of taste with the added bonus of supporting third world countries.

Organico promotes sustainable coffee growing practices. Instead of replacing the precious jungle canopy, the trees that produce these delicious beans are grown beneath it. Its a technique called "Shade Coffee". It means the trees take a little longer to grow but also means the natural habitat for animals and birds is preserved, and with the birds taking care of the insects, no artificial chemical pesticides or fertilisers are needed. Truly, "Coffee with a Conscience"